work with me.

Digital Strategy. // Copywriting, blogging, and sales funnels, oh my! Overwhelmed by it all? I understand. I can help bring clarity, calmness, & direction to your online strategy, so you can maximize your time and land your business more of its ideal customers -- without burning out.  I need a winning strategy! 

Accountability Coaching. // Did you know the likelihood of completing a goal skyrockets to 95% when you 1) intentionally plan how & when you'll accomplish it, 2) commit by writing it down & speaking it out loud to someone who can help hold you accountable, and 3) have specific accountability appointments with the person you committed to? Yep... let's dive more into getting your 2018 goals accomplished, shall we? Let's talk ➝

Travel Planning. // Researching to create an international itinerary from beginning to end is either 1 of 2 things: totally thrilling... or a completely daunting hoarder of your precious hours. If you don't know where to start or simply don't have time to plan the getaway of your dreams... guess who's got your back? (Psst... it's me! )