A new era. What will I do differently this time?

a selfie I took to check for helmet hair after parking my motorbike

a selfie I took to check for helmet hair after parking my motorbike

It’s an all new era. Thailand, I’m baaaack!

I consider each location of my nomadic wanderings an era. A distinctive chapter in my life marked not only by new surroundings, but new missions, new people, and new learnings about life and myself.


There was Los Angeles. A year and a half. Moving away from my beloved PG County, MD for the very first time meant taking on the new challenge of securing my first full time job and my living accommodations on my own. That era was all about breaking out of my shell. Growing up. Learning to be resourceful. Tapping into my ideal vision for my life. That’s when my idea of freedom and the necessary work ethic started taking shape.


There was Chiang Mai, Thailand. 8 months. Daring to see what location independent life was all about. Living on the other side of the world and traveling to multiple countries by myself. Immersing myself in something completely different than anything I’ve ever known. Tasting freedom. Putting together a plan, scrapping that plan. Establishing a community. Realizing how much finding my people abroad truly transformed me.


There were my in-between stints back in DC, which were mostly about reuniting with loved ones, shenanigans with friends, group trips and adventures my bank account side-eyed me for taking. Deeply appreciating where I came from. Then there was me feeling stuck, feeling uncertain, thinking “what do I do with my life now?” after coming home from Thailand.


There was Tampa for 4ish months in total, where I moved into my parents’ new digs and decided on staying put, finding a decent job, and saving up for a year or two. And how long did I last? All of 2 months. Even before I started that job I just knew it wasn’t it.


Then, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. 15 months. Taking my career to a new height. Becoming a real expat, with a foreign bank account, employment visa and everything. Honing my experience and knowledge of my field. Welcoming structure and routine back into my life. Recruiting two of my dearest girlfriends to the same company. Becoming a personal growth junkie. Opening my mind to endless possibilities, and so much more.



And now I’m back in northern Thailand with it. It might be a repeat location, but it’s certainly going to be an all new era.

I can’t say for sure how it’s going to pan out or how exactly this chapter will end up unfolding (when can we ever?), but there are a few things I definitely plan on doing differently this time around:

  • Hold myself more accountable
    • Respect my to-do list/planner
    • Respect my daily structure & routines
  • Be less introverted

Last time I lived here doing my own thing, I didn't have a real routine in place and it was hard to stay on track. I wasn't too clear on exactly what I was even doing, nor did I have a strategy in place. Big mistake. This time around I also plan to get out there more and be less to myself. Spend more time with the cool people here and take advantage of more events and opportunities.


Like most creative people, I struggle with DTMS -- aka ‘Do Too Much Syndrome.’ My mind moves a mile a minute. I probably have 50 tabs open right now. My to-do list is brazy. And if you ask me what I’m working on at any given time I might mention 5 different projects. Lawd. So, that last point, focus on what matters, is severely important.


Focus is the key to getting shit done, right? Well, one of the keys. Creating accountability systems is another –- without systems, you’re likely to be all over the place. Systems help you create the habits and structures necessary to remain organized, productive, and on-task to hit your projects’ milestones ON AN ONGOING BASIS.  (I have a post coming on what systems of accountability look like, too). I’m working on honing my systems because without them I know I’d be lost in the sauce outchea doing everything and nothing at the same time. Anyway...


Only time will tell what stamp this era’s going to ink. Hopefully I gain more clarity on what I’m called here to do, and how I can make a living from doing so. Hopefully it’s the beginning of building something that’s going to last. Hopefully I build even more fruitful friendships and business partnerships with the amazing people here. Hopefully I learn how not to be busy for the sake of being busy, but busy only with the things that matter the most.  And figuring out that? That’s the most challenging part. I’m more than up for it though, so let’s get it.


I’ll keep you posted on how it goes!

Sunday Dinner with the crew on my first full day back

Sunday Dinner with the crew on my first full day back

Make sure you check out Good Souls vegan eats if you're ever in Chiang Mai

Make sure you check out Good Souls vegan eats if you're ever in Chiang Mai