welcome to my online crib. would you like some tea?

The name of the game is excitement and lust for life. I'm on a mission to help people experience the best of the world by designing & creating the life of their dreams. There's so much to do and experience out there! Why limit ourselves to a career that doesn't energize us, or to one location when we want to explore the globe whenever we want, or to a life that doesn't fulfill us? (We shouldn't.)


be who you want.

I'm relentlessly pursuing my ideal lifestyle, and I'd love to help you do the same. What does that ideal look like? Well for me, it involves lots of freedom. Freedom to work in alignment with my true purpose. Freedom to be myself. Freedom to create my own schedule. Freedom to create. Freedom to give back more abundantly. Freedom to adventure around the world without asking permission. Freedom to invest.

So, how exactly can we create that freedom? By getting clear on our goals, crafting effective strategies + action plans, & implementing smart systems that bring us closer to living out our ideals. It might mean growing your dream business or finding & thriving in your dream job -- either way, there's work to be done!

Hire me as your business' online sales and advertising strategist, or as your personal accountability coach.


do what you want.

You want to gain more clarity and get more detailed on your goals. You want to grow closer to realizing your vision, your dream, with each year that passes. You want to be rooted in your purpose and feel confident about the direction you're headed in. Let's do it.

Or perhaps you're already clear on what you want to achieve -- but the how...? It's the execution plan that's more than a little fuzzy. You need to take your end goal and break it down into small and manageable bite sized projects that will take you from A all the way to Z without overwhelming you. Strategy is key! We can do that, too.


go where you want.

my background. // In the 4 super-short years since graduating from University of Maryland College Park's School of Business, I've lived quite a few lives in the realms of brand building, marketing, and experience chasing. I've been a PR assistant for a luxury cruise line in Los Angeles, owner of an online jewelry shop with my mom, freelance web designer/strategist and digital nomad based in Thailand, travel blogger, and a digital marketing specialist in Tampa. I spent a year+ based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, advancing my career in digital marketing + sales funnels. Now I'm back in Washington, DC working in ed-tech/software development.

favorite memories: dancing my way through DC, Tokyo, and Paris

favorite cities to visit: Chiang Mai, Thailand and Barcelona, Spain. Runners up: Bali and Lisbon.

two key beliefs: 1) no day is complete without a jam session, and 2) the world is ours for the taking

i know you're ready to overcome your fears and move with purpose + intention. schedule a call.

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The Reign XY. // Women Who Wander: Kristen 

Kristen Wiggins is a self-professed Carmen Sandiego with the stamps to back it up. One of our favorite travelistas, we love Kristen because of the audacity with which she pursues her dreams. Motivated by a desire to make travel accessible, Kristen has founded LITTnomads, an international program for people who possess a courageous commitment to travel, personal growth, and professional development.


The Core Magazine. // Issue #1



Brown Mom Abroad. // Brown Girl Abroad: Kristen

BMA: Introduce yourself!

What’s up! I’m Kristen. I’m a Maryland-bred, 25 year old wanderer, waistbeads shop owner, and web designer. I write a travel blog that I hope I can inspire young women to take advantage of the world and live color-rich, adventure-filled lives. I recently spent 8 months living in Thailand and exploring Southeast Asia, and I’m now back in the US on a mission to find and thrive in a digital marketing career that I’m fulfilled by. In short, my goals are to never stop creating, prioritize giving, and to make a life that looks like the pages of my favorite travel magazines.


Parlour Magazine. // The Travel Seven: Kristen Wiggins